file sharing and locking

Dave Wreski dave at
Thu Jun 11 03:18:41 GMT 1998

Hi all.  I'm running 1.9.18p5 on a 2.0.33 linux box, and just wanted to
make sure I'm doing the file locking the best way.

The machine is sharing about 3G of files for about 10 workstations.  Most
of these files are readable and writable by the majority of the users, and
are typically created by PageMaker for NT 4.0 workstations.  There are
also one or two WFW 486 machines on the network.

The users were complaining of Dr. Watson errors crashing PageMaker due to
two people opening a file at the same time.  As a result, I've disabled
oplocks, hoping this is correct. 

Could someone look over my options specific to file locking, and tell me
if I'm using the correct ones?  I have read all the documentation I could
find, but it's difficult for me to get to the site directly, and have to
rely on responses from the users for feedback.

   read prediction = yes
   lock directory = /var/lock/samba
   locking = yes
   oplocks = False
   share modes = yes
   strict locking = yes

I don't yet have a feel as to how this affects network performance, but I
need to make sure that multiple people don't end up editing the same file
at the same time.

Dave Wreski

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