Favorite print command for SAMBA on Sol 2.5.1

Rick Flower Rick.Flower at trw.com
Mon Jun 8 20:18:43 GMT 1998

Under Solaris make sure that ANY lpr command is FULLY qualified with a
path to the lpr executable!!  That is probably why your original lpr command
did nothing -- because it wasn't in the path when Samba is initially
I changed my print commands under Solaris 2.6 to read :

  print command  = /usr/ucb/lpr -r -P%p %s
  printcap name  = /bin/lpstat
  lpq command    = /usr/ucb/lpq -P%p
  lprm command   = /usr/ucb/lprm -P%p %j

I found that I had intermittent printing using the standard "lpr" until I
it to "/usr/ucb/lpr".  Try it and see if it helps!

-- Rick

P.S. I still think that this should be in the "printing" FAQ! (at least for
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From: Dave <dburwell at telecom.com>
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Date: Monday, June 08, 1998 12:29 PM
Subject: Favorite print command for SAMBA on Sol 2.5.1

>  I am having problems with the HP printers that are being handled by a
>Solaris 2.5.1 machine. The boring details are towards the end.
>  The SAMBA print command I currently use is:
>print command = echo %u - %s to %p at %T >> /tmp/smb-print.log ; \
>                lpr -P %p %s ; \
>                rm %s
>  These are EXACTLY the way they are in the smb.conf file. The server will
>print 99.9% of the jobs, it is only a very small percentage that have
>  I have tried a "print command = lp -d %p %s"  but all of the jobs went
>into the bit bucket and nothing ever got printed and nothing showed up in
>the queues.
>  What is the "correct", or most popular, method?
>  If you want to help, please read the boring details included.
>  Also - Please respond directly via email, not this list.
>The REAL Problem:
>  A queue will choke on a print job submitted by a client. The job will sit
>at the top of the queue, and all other jobs will queue up behind it. Power
>cycling the printer has no effect. I have to do a lprm -P<printer>, on the
>server, to clear that job off the top of the queue, and then the remaining
>jobs will print without problems.
>  OR - A one page document, will print an infinite number of copies. (NOT
>PS code, but real copies of that one page document, like the user selected
>10000 as the number to print).
>  I have 10 of these printers, and the problem has occurred on all of them,
>but it never seems to effect more than one at a time. Once, on a really bad
>day, it hit three about an hour apart. Obviously, I see these problems more
>on the printers that are used the most.
>   The clients are using the HP 5si MX PS driver. The problem occurs with
>different users, different versions of the HP 5si MX PS driver on different
>Win95 clients using different versions of Win95, Win311, & NT, printing to
>different HP5siMX printers (we have 10 of them).
>  The common element is the Solaris Print server.
>Version Details:
>  The server machine has the Recommended Patches for 2.5.1 from April. It
>is Samba version 1.9.18p4 compiled on this machine - for this machine. The
>HP JetAdmin program is Rev. D.04.12. All printers are TCP/IP through the
>JetDirect cards, rev A.05.05.
>  As a added MacGuffen: I have a UNIX admin in the UK that is having a
>similar problem (queues lock up and infinite pages printed) - Except his
>clients are all Solaris 2.X and they use the printools GUI to send jobs to
>his printer server. His printer server is a Sol2.5.1 (like mine), with HP
>Jetdirect D.04.12 (like mine), and JetDirect Cards use the same fimeware
>version (like mine).
>  Sun Support is looking into his problem, but they are stumped.
>dburwell at telecom.com

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