Favorite print command for SAMBA on Sol 2.5.1

Owen L. Magee mageeol at mail.auburn.edu
Mon Jun 8 20:12:59 GMT 1998

On Tue, Jun 09, 1998 at 05:27:16AM +1000, Dave wrote:
> The REAL Problem:
>   A queue will choke on a print job submitted by a client. The job will sit
> at the top of the queue, and all other jobs will queue up behind it. Power
> cycling the printer has no effect. I have to do a lprm -P<printer>, on the
> server, to clear that job off the top of the queue, and then the remaining
> jobs will print without problems.
>   OR - A one page document, will print an infinite number of copies. (NOT
> PS code, but real copies of that one page document, like the user selected
> 10000 as the number to print).


>   The common element is the Solaris Print server.

I had the same problems with the Solaris lpd, as well (among other
problems).  After enough headaches with it, we switched over to LPRng
(http://www.astart.com/LPRng.html) with the CTI-ifhp filters (in place of
the JetAdmin filters).  I've had very few problems since.  LPRng is a
GPLed lpd replacement.

Others use the BSD lpd ported to Solaris
(http://www.eng.auburn.edu/~doug/second.html#section1), so you should
look there, as well.  Either solution is far better than Solaris lpd.


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