Printing with Samba: NT -> Linux

Thomas Hahn thomas.hahn at
Mon Jun 8 16:59:50 GMT 1998


We have a printer connected to a Linux Machine, and a small NT Network,
hosted by a NT 3.51 Server. We run Samba 1.9.18p3-1 to connect to the Linux
Server for access to our WWW server and also our home directories.

We plan to use the Linux Server also as a print server. Therefore, no login
and password would be required. 

My problem is, that every time you start Windows NT on a Workstation, you
have to connect to the Linux Server using the Windows Explorer (use network
ressource) and enter your username and password. 

By now, printing is only possible, when you connect to a Linux drive first
(you enter name & password) and then print the document.

Is there a possibility to access to the printer without entering any
username or password (guest access?) or to connect to Linux automatically
when starting WinNT?

I tried to use the "security = server" option and I also tried a "guest
only" access to the printer, but it didn't seem to work.

If you can help me, please answer to: Thomas.Hahn at

Thanks and bye,


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