beginner seeking help

Ed Lawrence ELawrence at
Mon Jun 8 18:20:05 GMT 1998

1) I'm an NT person, with little UNIX programming experience.
    I heard about Samba, downloaded it, and have been trying to
figure out how to run it.

2) I have an HP 712 with HPUX 10.10.
    I downloaded Samba-1.9.17p1 and did the make and makefile.

3) I''ve been reading the web-page man pages for hours, but didn't spot
anything that says what to do next.  I've tried running pograms that
appeared in the /usr/local/samba/bin directory, but they all
fail with "Execute permisison denied".

I tried changing the permissions to 777.
The only program that seems to run is "addtosmbpass", but there is no
man page for it, and when I do run it, it hangs.

So, I hope one of you more experienced people can tell me what the 
next step is.


elawrence at

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