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Harper, Ian (IDH) ian.harper at
Mon Jun 8 09:55:01 GMT 1998

Peter Molettiere writes
>"Harper, Ian (IDH)" writes
>>Can anyone give me some advice, we have just set up a linux file 
>>and we want to offer up a samba share of a directory, however we 
want it
>>to be accessible by everyone even those who do not have an entry in 
>>passwd file, can someone tell me what I need to do to acheive this 
>>many thanks in advance.
>>internal support engineer

>Try making your share public, and allowing guest access.

>    public = yes
>    guest ok = yes

I have tried that and the Win95 Pc keeps reporting password incorrect, 
looking at the debug log it appears that the user is trying to log on 
with their user name 'TPH', if I do an smbclient with a -U tph and hit 
return for the password it is reporting user details as 'nobody' which 
is correct. Has anyone any ideas how to get a guest user on without 
Win95 causing probs with usernames and passwords.


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