getting a list of registered users from PDC

Simon Greaves greaves_s at
Thu Jun 4 22:18:29 GMT 1998


Apologies first off because this is not primarily a samba problem
(though I think I may need samba to solve it).

I simply want to be able to list all usernames registered for a domain,
and ideally also get lists of who is logged on to/from where at that

The setup here is a bit 'quirky' - an NT domain which only has minimal
NT, mainly DEC alpha's running Pathworks under VMS and Digital UNIX. The
PDC is one of these. Attempting to use the 'net' commands on a UNIX
machine fail to return all known users, or better still simply core

I want to get lists of existing accounts for some UNIX based account
management scripts (ie 'does this user already have a domain login?')
and possibly also for some intranet tools and accounting purposes.

Any comment/help most welcome,

Simon Greaves				voice: (+679) 212114
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The University of the South Pacific	email: greaves_s at
Suva, Fiji

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