NT user profile corruption preventing samba access

Peter Molettiere pietro at construct.net
Thu Jun 4 21:44:14 GMT 1998

We're having a funny problem with NT machines loosing the
ability for a particular user to log into shares on a samba

First off, here's the setup: a Sun Netra running SunOS 5.5.1
and samba 1.9.17p4. The other machines on the network accessing
samba are PC's running win95, win98, and winNT. The only machines
having problems are the winNT boxes. (I think they're mostly
NT servers, although there may be a NT workstation or two).

The symptoms look like this: a user logs into her NT machine,
tries to use a shared resource, and gets an invalid passwd/
username dialog.  This happens after the user has logged out
and logged back in.

Another user, on the same machine, can log into the same shared
resource without any problems. The same (original) user can log
into the resource on a different machine without any problems.

Deleting the users profile from the winnt/profiles directory
allows the user to successfully log into the shared resource.

We're not using encrypted passwords, and plaintext passwords 
are enabled on all the NT boxes.

Any one have any ideas?


Peter Molettiere
Construct Internet Design

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