Refusing password from win95 client

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Jun 3 22:04:04 GMT 1998

> My Win95 clients were happy. Then I used poledit to turn off 
> password caching and now they are not happy. The problem is that they 
> can't connect to their home directories. Guest shares are fine, and 
> other shares that require passwords are fine, but when you connect to 
> your home dir, Windows simply says 'Access to specified device, path 
> or file is denied' (thro network neighbour hood). Attempting to 
> re-connect a drive that is mapped to the home dir says 'the specified 
> network password is not correct'. If you disconnect the drive and re 
> map it, you are prompted for a password, and it works fine. But then 
> when you reboot, the problem is back.

Make sure you delete all the \windows\*.pwl files on the client
machines.  Just a hunch.

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