Case sensitivity and NT clients

Cerri, Andre P Andre.P.Cerri at kp.ORG
Wed Jun 3 20:30:51 GMT 1998

I'm busy setting up an NT based (v4.0.1381) MKS Source Integrity client (v7.3c) to Unix (AIX v4.2.1) server and case sensitivity is a problem. I've resolved all issues to date that are NT and Samba related, with one exception.

 If I have a filename in Unix such as DAVID.DAT, NT's common dialog boxes insist on presenting me with the name David.dat. When I try and open the file by pointing and clicking (eg as part of an application) it tells me it cannot find the file, but when I type DAVID.DAT at the CDB filename prompt it works fine.

 Having said that it all works fine (sometimes) from Windows Explorer - if I double click on David.dat it opens it OK, but if I try and rename it, it says that it can't find the file!!

 The question is, can this filename "beautifying" (for want of a better word) be turned off in NT? Or, is there another work-around that I can't see?

BTW smb.conf settings are:

   preserve case = yes
   short preserve case = yes
   default case = upper
   case sensitive = yes
   mangled case = yes


Andre Cerri
Kaiser Permanente Mid Atlantic Division
Silver Spring, MD  USA
andre.p.cerri at

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