DOS MS client + slow response

Philippe GUILLEMETTE philippe.guillemette at
Thu Jun 4 12:11:44 GMT 1998


	I recently plan to switch my 200 PC (W95 or DOS)+ 10 SUN workstations network to use Linux + Samba. 
It was previsouly using Netware 4.1 (not too bad) and Netware NFS (a nightmare !) 

	My current configuration is made of 4 identical machines

			- bi-PII 300MHz + 128 Mo
			- 2*9 Go UW SCSI with soft raid level 1
			- Linux 2.0.33
			- Samba 1.9.18p7

	Currently, this configuration is _really_ slower than the netware one with single processor computer. I read
and did whatever is written in faq and docs regarding speed. But no big improvement. I'd like to keep this Linux+Samba
configuration, but I really need speed. Any idea ?

	I also want to connect some DOS only client. I use MS client version 3.0. When I use the MS basic redirector, I cannot
view or map any drive on the samba machines, unless I use 'security = share' which really not what I want as all the users have
a unix account on which they identify, so I use 'security = user'. 
	With the MS full redirector, it works fine even in user security mode, but it takes 90 k more memory under 1M, and I
_really_ need that memory on my DOS only machines !
	Thanks for help

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