Modem sharing

Charlie Brady cbrady at
Wed Jun 3 01:57:00 GMT 1998

On Tue, 2 Jun 1998, Steven Bolbot wrote:

> I have my linux box set up as my internet gateway. However, there are times
> that i'd like to be able to access the modem from my Win98 PC. Is there any
> way I can do this with Samba? If so, How, and what sort of
> configuration/origram do I need on the Windows PC in order to access it?

This comes up from time to time - hence there are references for things to
do in the FAQ.

This isn't really a samba issue - samba essentially does SMB file and
print sharing over TCP/IP, but there are other ways of using TCP/IP to get
WIN boxes and Unix boxes to co-operate in various ways. Telnet is one
example. The sharing of Fax/Modem ports can be done over TCP/IP, but this
doesn't necessarily mean that samba has anything to do with it, and in
fact it is probably best done completely independently of samba.

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