Problem with MS Exchange on Sun/Samba server

Curtis, Garrett gcurtis at
Tue Jun 2 13:14:25 GMT 1998

I am running Samba 1.9.16p11 on Solaris 2.51.  Recently moved the Exchange 
post office to the Sun sever from NT because client Exchange under W95 kept 
getting 'undelieverable' messages.  Moving to the Sun fixed that problem. 
 Now, I updated Samba to 1.9.18p4 and the 'undeliverable' problem appeared 
again.  So I restored the .16p11 binaries and the problem went away!

Compiler did not change... only the Samba source code.  I can only assume 
something within the code changed with respect to timing or ????

Any help would be appreciated.  I would like to run the latest version of 
Samba but can't afford to have 60 MS Exchange users screaming at me.

Thanks, Garrett Curtis
gcurtis at

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