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Peter de Groot pdgtech at
Wed Feb 25 01:25:43 GMT 1998

> 4.  If I did a "tail -f /usr/samba/var/log.nmb" on the 
>       WINS server/domain master browser ,
>     and then did a view/refreshin explorer,  would I not see a query 
>     logged in the log file, as it tries to find the master browser 
>     for the domain ???  Currently I do not, even after re-booting the
>     PC.  It is almost like it is getting the browse list from somewhere

Blush, gosh, golly, uhmm, look contrite etc etc.

I had the max log file size set to 50K.  And hence it was not logging
any information.  Perhaps a trailing record, in the log file, saying 
                  *** max log size exceeded** 
would be nice. 


>  max log size (G)
>          This option (an integer in kilobytes) specifies the max size
>          the log file should grow to. Samba periodically checks the
>          size and if it is exceeded it will rename the file, adding a
>          .old extension.


>Domain Master
>     Enable WAN-wide browse list collation.  Local master
>     browsers on broadcast-isolated subnets will give samba their
>     local browse lists, and ask for a complete copy of the
>     browse list for the whole wide area network.  Browser
>     clients will then contact their local master browser, and
>     will receive the domain-wide browse list, instead of just
>     the list for their broadcast-isolated subnet.

If my WIN95 PC is in a different workgroup (consisting only of PCs, but
pointing at the WINS server) to the samba server (DMB,WINS, local etc),
I cannot see the other workgroups in the browser.

Put the PC in same workgroup as the samba server, and bingo just like
the man page says, including all of the workgroups (samba and non samba)
on the other subnets.

I am running 1.9.18p3  on Silicon Graphics  6.x

Finally. I have been dumping on this list for a while now.  I wouldn't
bother, if I didn't like this stuff. :-)  It is getting very/very
close to a perfect solution to the never ending integration probs.

I swanned to a remote site the other day.  Consisted of a few PCs and
an SG workstation.  Walked out after few hours looking like a million
bucks.  The guys could drag and drop their data, smbtar for backups.
Excellent.  Totally impressed.  (except for the cr/crlf pest - can't
help myself).

Now if you could get WINS server replication working.  Having a 
solitary WINS server for the whole WAN is cutting into my realvideo 
feed.  Not very robust either.


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