How to set Netscape enviroment on Samba home drive ?

Celso Kopp Webber webber at
Wed Feb 18 15:02:59 GMT 1998

Hi all,

Gerald W. Carter wrote:
> In netscape4 I think the currently available profiles is stored in the
> [HKLM\SOFTWARE\Netscape\...] keys.  Check these out as well.

	Does anyone know if there is any way of saving the Netscape
portion of keys on the registry above HKeyLocalMachine on a samba
drive. I would like that if a user created a profile in NEtscape 4.0
via User Profile Manager in one machine in our lab, he/she would
see that profile already created when he/she logged in on another 
machine in the lab.

	I know that the HKCU portion of the registry goes to the 
USER.DAT file on the user's home directory. But settings like e-mail
address, etc., don't go to USER.DAT (since they're in HKLM keys).

	Thanks in advance for any help.


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