Corey M. Wirun cmwirun at comcept.com
Wed Feb 11 20:32:08 GMT 1998

Hi All,

I'm stilll trying to get NT domain logins with V1.9.18p2 to work.  I followed 
the steps in NTDOMAIN.TXT. (I skipped Step 3 'cause the docs say 
smbpasswd edits are now automated (?)).

I do have encrypted passwords working. 'Normal', non-domain logins 
are okay, too.

And I did follow the rest of the ntdomain.txt file directions, I'm stuck at the 
point where I try the set the machine's domain name.  It keeps saying 
it can't find the DC.  

Does anyone know if there is anything that had to be done in Step 3 
that would be causing my problem?  Or is it something else?

FYI, step 3 says:

3) [ for each workstation, add a line to smbpasswd with a username of MACHINE$  
     and a password of "machine".  this process will be automated in further    
     releases.  lkcl02nov97 - done, as of 1.9.18alpha11!  added new options     
     "domain hosts allow/deny" too :-) ]                                       

Also, is there any docs for 'domain hosts allow/deny'?  My smb.conf man page
doesn't have it...

Thanks again, eh?
Corey M. Wirun
"This, of course, is impossible..." - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Corey M. Wirun, Senior Systems Engineer Comcept Canada (Calgary)
           cmwirun at comcept.com, cmwirun at cadvision.com

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