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Johann Visagie wjv at
Mon Feb 16 20:34:25 GMT 1998

... and another thing.  :-)

I've searched for this problem in the mailing list archives and have found
several mentions of it (or variations on it), but no definitive solution:

I've recently upgraded a happily running FreeBSD 2.2.1-R / Samba 1.9.17p2
server to FreeBSD 2.2.5-R Samba 1.9.18p2.  (I installed the Samba port from
the FreeBSD-CURRENT ports collection.)  All the clients which need to access
it are Win95 (OEMSR2).  Ever since the upgrade, whenever a client tries to
access the server, it is asked for a password for IPC$.  Users who have a
valid account on the FreeBSD server can then see the shares upon typing in
their passwords.  Users who do not, however, are stuck.

And before anyone asks - yes, the account specified in the "guest account"
smb.conf parameter is perfectly valid.  :-)

BTW, the following works from the server itself:

$ smbclient -L localhost -U%

... and so does this:

$ smbclient -L -U%

However, this doesn't (output included):

cornelius:~$ smbclient -L \\cornelius -U%
Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
Server time is Mon Feb 16 22:29:50 1998
Timezone is UTC+2.0
Domain=[CITYIP] OS=[Unix] Server=[Samba 1.9.18p2]
connected as guest security=user
SMBtconX failed. ERRSRV - ERRinvnetname (Invalid network name in tree
Perhaps you are using the wrong sharename, username or password?
Some servers insist that these be in uppercase

Trying to execute the above command gives this very succinct error message
smbd's log file:

02/16/1998 22:29:50 couldn't find service cornelius/ipc$

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