Packet filtering characteristics of SMB?

Michael St. Laurent rowl at
Mon Feb 16 22:33:52 GMT 1998

Yes, it is possible.  You will need to have a WINS server to make it work
which either NT Server or Samba can provide.  The file "BROWSING.txt"
covers this in great detail.
At 07:27 AM 2/17/98 +1100, Johann Visagie wrote:
>Hi there,
>Before I get in over my head in documentation, I thought I'd ask here whether
>what I'm attempting is even vaguely possible:
>I have two /28 subnets connected to a server acting as gateway.  On one of
>these subnets, a Samba server.  On the other... you guessed it, some Win95
>(OEMSR2) clients which need to access it.
>To compound the problem, the gateway filters IP and forms part of a firewall
>setup.  Filtering rules will have to be set up on it to allow Samba to "work
>through" it...  if that is possible.
>I know that SMB relies heavily on broadcasts, and to get an idea what's going
>on I set the packet filters to log all rejected packets.  I noticed that the
>Samba server broadcasts to the broadcast address of its own subnet...  so how
>are machines on the other subnet ever going to know about it?  Hence my
>doubts as to whether this is possible.
>Can anyone (a) confirm that this is feasible, and (b) point me at a good
>place where I can start reading?  :-)
>-- V
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