Remote access service

James Egan jegan at
Fri Feb 13 14:14:26 GMT 1998

My FreeBSD machine is running samba 1.9.17p4 on an NT domain.

Until recently I had a Win95 dial-in server giving remote access to the NT
domain for certain users so when a remote win95 user logged on he would get
access to his files in the usual windows graphical way.

I would like to give these users the same sort of access but getting my
FreeBSD box to answer the phone.

Is it possible for Samba to transparently forward such a logon request to
the NT domain controller for validation and give these users their usual
graphical interface?

And also if the remote user does not have a valid account on the NT domain
to pass the logon request to another unix service (eg. pppd) which can
restrict whoever to (say) a web server running in a limited space on the
FreeBSD box?


Jim Egan.
Edmond Shipway
Chartered Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers
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