Logout script and log analyser for samba?

Gerald W. Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri Feb 13 14:25:21 GMT 1998

> two little questions :
> - Is there a way to have a logout script on win95 using samba? I mean a
> script like the login script that would be executed when a user
> disconnect himself from one particular share (for example home directory
> that should be mounted during all session). Or is there an equivalent
> possibility in Win95?

If you need the script to execute on the server then you could use the
root postexec ( or postexec ) options in smb.conf.  If you need the
script to run on the win95 client, you would probably need to comeup
with a customized logout option ( ie. they run the program to logou /
reboot the client which in turn calls some batch file which could exist
anywhere really.

> - Has anyone made, or does exist a samba log analyser tool.
> I want to be able to generate (for example) web pages time when user
> logged (when he accessed netlogon share) and time when he logged out
> (how can i know that?) from samba logs

One of the things I have on my todo list is some accounting scripts (
most likely will be written them in perl ) for the smbd and nmbd logs. 
I could pass them along once they are completed ( haven't started on
them yet though so.... ).

Maybe I should ask if someone already has these?  Didn't see anything
included in the docs/* directory...

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