How to handle both NT-SP3 and Lanman encryption?

Biswajit Sain sain at
Wed Feb 11 09:41:46 GMT 1998

I configured and installed Samba with encryption enabled
(libdes-4.01), samba-1.9.16p9 on my Linux 2.0.33 server. I also used
"smbpasswd" to set user's password. However, I am able to connect
from Win'95 client or from a Win-NT3.51 client using my password.
>From a NT 4.0 server with NT-ServicePack3 installed, I am unable to
access Samba server. 

My guess is that the second password field in the smbpasswd file is
not being used by samba. 
Anybody can give pointers as to the cause and possible fix to the

Thanks in advance,


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