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Tim Winders twinders at
Wed Feb 11 06:35:05 GMT 1998

> |-----------Subnet A
> |           Workgroup :  LAB
> |           All WIN95 machines (clients)
> |
> -
> router
> -
> |
> |
> |
> |-----------Subnet B
>             Workgroup : ADMIN
>             WINS SERVER / Samba Server
>             WIN95 machines (clients)
> All of our win95 machines point to the Samba server as the WINS server and
> fileserver.  Machines in Subnet B  can see the LAB workgroup icon in the
> network neighborhood, but access it (error :  LAB is not accessible. The
> computer or sharename could not be found. Make sure you typed it correctly,
> and try again)  ......   If I change the network property of a computer in
> Subnet A to be in workgroup ADMIN (i don't physically remove the machine
> from Subnet A, but only change the workgroup setting in network properties),
> then computers in Subnet B can access the computer in Subnet A with no
> problem.
> The problem, therefore, seems to be having a different workgroup in a
> separate subnet?  Does anyone have advice concerning this problem. The
> relevant portions of my smb.conf follows :

I *REALLY* need to send an update to the DOCS for BROWSING.txt.  Luke and
I went over this a few months ago, so I will try to explain (what I
remember) here.  (Luke, I hope I get all the specifics correct!)

In order for multiple network (subnet) browse lists to propogate you need
to have a DOMAIN MASTER BROWSER for EACH WORKGROUP that you have.  A DMB
can only be a WinNT Server or Samba Server set as a DMB.  It cannot be a
WinNT WKS or Win95 machine.

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