Problem with Wins/Samba

Al Longyear longyear at
Thu Feb 5 02:36:46 GMT 1998

I have a problem with a network of Windows 95 systems and a couple of
Linux systems, one running Samba 1.9.16p11.

The layout of the network is as follows:

                       ==== CSU/DSU to internet ====
                                 | frame relay interface
  Router w/1 port --SS--- Router with 2 ports
       | 10.5.x.x network                 | other, assigned, IP address
   +-+-+-+-+-+                            |
  Some windows 95                   Linux system (2 NIC cards)
  systems and 1 Linux                     | 10.4.x.x network
  system                          +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
                               Various other Windows 95 systems

The second Linux system is running NAT masquerading. The first is used
only to connect a bunch of ADDS terminals into a telnet connection to
the second system.

The samba server running on the second system is forced to be the
master browser for the network. Both IP networks are on the same
domain, along with the samba server, obviously.

All of the Windows 95 systems are configured to use the Wins server on
the second Linux server. They are entered into the Wins configuration
on the network control pannel. The first Linux system is not running
Samba at all. (No sharing is needed. I tried to run a wins proxy just
to attempt to honor a 'B' or 'H' node type but this did not work so I
stopped the samba server on that system.)

The problem is that, while each network can see the systems on that
network, they can not see each other. The browse.dat file on the samba
system shows both systems from 10.4 and 10.5, but each Windows 95
system can not see the systems on the other side of the router. Even
though the entries for both networks are on the Linux server which has
a 10.4 address, it does not give these values to other computers.

I can not seem to come up with the proper configuration directives for
the samba system to permit it to be the domain master. I have tried
running samba on the 10.5.x.x network's linux server and making it a
proxy server to register on the 10.4.x.x network's value. I have tried
to play with the os levels, wins support, and other directives.
Nothing seems to work for wins. Each network can only see the systems
directly attached to it.

What am I missing? How can I make this work? All of the networks are
addressable and reachable from any system. I guess that I can start to
go through the code, but since I don't have the tech references on
WINS, it is difficult to understand what I must diagnose.

Many thanks.

p.s.: The network topology may seem strange. However, it wasn't until
receiently that the Cyclades multi-port routers supported NAT functions
and we wanted to have a two port router for the dedicated high speed
link to the remote site.

p.p.s.: I hate wins!! (Netbeui networks are much easier for small

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