Unified password file

samba-list at zimage.com samba-list at zimage.com
Tue Feb 3 00:04:01 GMT 1998

        Does anyone know how to unify the /etc/passwd and NT style
passwords in SAMBA?  It seems like this is going to be more and more
important when the NTDOM stuff gets release at some point in time.
        I've thought about it and can come up with:

                o Create a smbpasswd file and use the SMB PAM module
                to authenticate everyone.
                o Just use the less secure passwords.
                o Create a new unified passwd system file for Unix.
                Can it still be used with NIS/NIS+, etc?
                o.Make a new module for NT/Win95 systems that is more
                compatible with SAMBA/Unix.
                o Wait for MS to adopt Kerberos.
        Is there any other ideas?


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