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Tue Feb 3 02:37:15 GMT 1998

On Tue, 3 Feb 1998 samba-list at zimage.com wrote:

> Hello,
>         Does anyone know how to unify the /etc/passwd and NT style
> passwords in SAMBA?  It seems like this is going to be more and more
> important when the NTDOM stuff gets release at some point in time.
>         I've thought about it and can come up with:
>                 o Create a smbpasswd file and use the SMB PAM module
>                 to authenticate everyone.
>                 o Just use the less secure passwords.
>                 o Create a new unified passwd system file for Unix.
>                 Can it still be used with NIS/NIS+, etc?
>                 o.Make a new module for NT/Win95 systems that is more
>                 compatible with SAMBA/Unix.
>                 o Wait for MS to adopt Kerberos.
>         Is there any other ideas?
> 			...Jeff

Hi Jeff,

I don't have any other ideas, but I did want to comment on your last
option.  Do not hold your breath for MS to adopt standard Kerberos.  Last
time I heard (back in October I think) Microsoft decided not to adopt
standard Kerberos v5 in NT 5 and confirmed that they will instead
implement a proprietary flavor of Kerberos v5 that may be incompatible
with existing systems.

I hope I am wrong on this one and that someone else will have more


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