Problems with Samba

Panyarak Aaron Ngamsritragul panya at
Wed Dec 23 14:49:01 GMT 1998

Happy Holidays !

I think you may want to consult the files 'ENCRYPTION.txt'
and 'PASSWORD.txt' which come with the package.

The main point is that NT is using encrypted form of password
by default while your samba server expects to receive plain
text password.

Good luck.

Panyarak Ngamsritragul
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Prince of Songkla University.

On Wed, 23 Dec 1998, Matthew J. Pullen wrote:

> Greetings all, and Happy Hollidays.
> I have compiled and installed SAMBA-1.9.18p10 on a SPARC station. When I run
> smbclient -L Hostname it allows me to log in and shows the correct shares.
> However, when I try to map the drive (on the Sparc station) from an NT
> machine, it does ask for a username and password, but then I get the error
> message "The account does not have authorization to login from this station"
  ... deleted...

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