Problems with SMB.CONF (2nd)

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at
Tue Dec 22 17:20:10 GMT 1998


On Wed, 23 Dec 1998 00:20:31 +1100, Majid Tajamolian wrote:

>> >;   hosts allow = *
>> >;   hosts allow =
>> >;   hosts allow = 194.225.42.*
>> >   hosts allow = 194.225.42.

>> >2. As you see above, if I use a domain detector except with the format
>> >   "194.225.42." , clients on our LAN can not see my machine or connect to
>> >   it.

>> Cases 1 and 3 are clearly false. No asterisks are needed (man hosts_access).

>> Case 2 should work. How are the names of the clients resolved? Establish a 
>> connection from some client. Then do

>OK. It's right but wonderful. The problem is caused by my /etc/hosts file.
>This is a cut of it:
>   kordan arash

>The tail did not appended to clients' names. I changed it
>as followings and the problem was corrected:
>         kordan arash

>Is it a bug in SAMBA?!

Not, thats normal behaviour of the gethostbyaddr() library routine: it returns the 
first matching host name from /etc/hosts.

>> >3. The "dont descend" parameter for the "root" share name has not any
>> >   effect!

>> Did you try it without the spaces like it is described in the example in "man 
>> smb.conf"?

>YES! But no effects! Why?!

Is it shown by testparm?

Can you provide a log made with debug level 8 of some test case?

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