SAMBA deleting files?

Roman Blöth bloeth at
Sat Dec 19 11:33:47 GMT 1998

Dear list,

since we have installed SAMBA 2.0.0beta3/4, we had several problems.

The first problem concerned missing access for the users to some
directories. I found out it had to do with name mangling - resetting all
mangling values to the defaults was the solution for this.

But now one of our workers has a problem that occured since we use SAMBA
2.x: Two files on the file server vanished from one second to the other!
He was working with Macromedia Director, opened a *.dir-file, changed
something and closed it again without saving it. The next thing he
remarked was that this file has vanished. This happened two times now,
without being reproduceable. We don't know whether it's a network
problem of SAMBA or Director or something else.

If someone faces the same problems, perhaps she/he should post it since
it's a severe problem...

Best regards and merry X-mas,
Roman Blöth.

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