IP address to WINS address?

Peter Amstutz tetron at student.umass.edu
Mon Dec 7 00:17:07 GMT 1998

On Sun, 6 Dec 1998, Florian G. Pflug wrote:

> There are other approches - there is a smb-lib which you load with
> ld_preload - then, start e.g. a bash (or anything else). YOu have on /smb
> the same view of the network as you would have from network neighbourhood. I
> think this library is still beta - but there are reports that it works fine.

oop, ok, I see what you are talking about now... Ahem, not smblib, but
smbwrapper in the 2.0 dist.  Alright, that compiles fine, however I have a
libc5-based slackware system, and it either dies on a bus error run as a
normal user or segfaults when trying to do anything as a superuser.  As

$ smbsh
Bus error

$ sudo smbsh
$ ls
Segmentation fault
$ <hit tab for tab completion of the directory> Segmentation fault

Bleh. :(
Is anyone porting it to libc5?

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