IP address to WINS address?

Peter Amstutz tetron at student.umass.edu
Sun Dec 6 23:29:02 GMT 1998

On Sun, 6 Dec 1998, Florian G. Pflug wrote:

> > Is it possible to use smbclient to look up the WINS address of a computer
> > given only its IP address (or DNS hostname)?
> If you're in the same subnet use nmblookup

Sending queries to
name_query failed to find name

???  Nmblookup only seems to do WINS -> DNS, not DNS -> WINS.
> > This basically makes general browsing of
> > the local subnet IMPOSSIBLE with smbclient...
> If smbd & nmbd are runnig on your local machine there should be a file like
> /var/lock/samba/browse.dat (The path depends on your distribution)

Hmm, I have smbd run out of inetd.conf, so that isn't very helpful...
(nmbd is running, however)
> > It's very annoying, since
> > samba is so great on the server side and so limited on the client side...
> Well, actually samba concentrates on the server-side I guess....

I understand that, but there is something of a vaccum of useful client
programs for smb on Linux...
> > Isn't the client side is simpler, and more generally useful to people who
> > are on primariy windows networks and need to get shares off of other
> > computers?
> There are other approches - there is a smb-lib which you load with
> ld_preload - then, start e.g. a bash (or anything else). YOu have on /smb
> the same view of the network as you would have from network neighbourhood. I
> think this library is still beta - but there are reports that it works fine.

Where is it?  I found something called smblib in
http://us1.samba.org/samba/ftp/smblib/ but it doesn't look it does what
you are talking about...  It sounds like exactly the sort of thing I
am looking for, however.

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