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Paul L. Lussier plussier at BayNetworks.COM
Fri Dec 4 18:23:46 GMT 1998

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James Strauch said:

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>Hello Sambites....
>I have a question. Has anyone been able to successfully create a Samba
>Share on an NFS mounted filesystem. I am running Samba-1.9.18p7 on a
>Solaris 2.6 box.

Absolutely.  My samba server has nothing local to it.  All user home dirs
and other filesystems come off of a NAC NFS server and each is automounted
by the samba server.

>The file system that is shared is now a NFS mounted file system from another
>Solaris 2.5.1 box. But I am getting errors when trying to access it from my NT
>worksataion (nt4sp3 with PlainText Reg Edit). 
>\\svlbkupsvr\what is Not Accessable. The network name cannot be found.
>Snipped from smb.conf
>;       security = user
>;       security = share
>        password level = 2
>        server string = BEA Samba Server
>        workgroup = BEACORP
>        guest account = samba
>        ;encrypt passwords = no
>        homedir map = auto_home
>        guest ok = yes
>        os level = 32
>        browseable = yes
>        config file = /usr/local/samba/smb.conf
>        status = yes
>        log level = 1
>        log file = /usr/local/samba/log.smb       
>        path = /export/backup1/%u
>; this is the nfs mounted file system from another Solaris server
>; Unix level access to NFS mount works fine.
>        browseable = yes
>       guest ok = no
>        public = yes
>        read only = no
>        writeable = yes
>        write ok = yes
>        create mask = 0755                  
>Any ideas?

Yeah,  You have "guest ok = no" and "public = yes", which I believe to be
contradictory.  In addition, you're using %u, which denotes the username
for the process.  

I'm assuming that this supposed to mount home directories to the Win clients.

Here's my home directories share from my smb.conf:

	        guest ok = no
	        read only = no

Quick and simple.  It works great, and I've had no complaints at all for about
3 months now.

Let me know if you need more info.  Though I highly recommend getting
a copy of John Blair's book.  Without that and the fantastic man
pages, I'd be lost.

Though I am looking forward to O'Reilly's addition to Samba documentation
in January :)

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