problem with smbclient access to NT4.0 WS share

Chris Evans C.Evans at
Thu Aug 27 13:32:49 GMT 1998

Thanks to all for a wonderful package.  It's sharing fine from my 
Debian box but smbclient isn't working the other way round.  Here's 
the detail:

I have three machines together: an NT4 Workstation (sp3), a 
Win95 machine and a Debian (Hamm = latest stable release).  The 
NT 4 machine has a shared drive I want to access from my Debian 
machine.  I can access that share from the win95 machine.  I can 
also access a shared directory on the Debian machine fine from 
the NT machine (but not the Win95 but that doesn't bother me 
unless it's a diagnostic clue).  I have been able to change 
passwords on the NT machine from the Debian box using 
smbpasswd and "smbclient -L //ntbox" works fine showing the 
share there.  However, "smbclient //ntbox/share/" prompts for a 
password and everything seems fine but if I give the correct 
password I get "SMBtconX failed.  ERRDOS - ERRnosuchname 
(You specified ... "
I've tried all uppercase for the password and the sharename (-L 
shows it as lowercase) but no difference.  It looks as if the 
password is not case sensitive since using all uppercase gives the 
same response but deliberately giving an incorrect password gets a 
different complaint correctly noting that access has been denied.

I've got the permissions for the Debian user account set correctly 
on the NT box and testparm and the successful samba sharing to 
the NT box seem to suggest things should work.

Anyone recognise this one?  Any suggestions?



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