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Tekno Soft Snc teknosoft at
Thu Aug 27 12:06:13 GMT 1998

to> A short time ago I recieved a reply to a query
to> about compiling samba  with the freeware gcc under
to> sco unix. Im sorry, Ive misplaced your Email
to> address and WEB address (which was in italian).
to> Sorry to use this forum  as a contact point, but
to> can you contact me again? Thanks.
to> Tony Nichols

The WEB page is at
In this page you can download a 1.9.18p8 version and shortly 1.9.18p10 for
SCO5. I've added some compiler options for Pentium optimizations and I'm
thinking to compile a version with a pgcc. The compiler is gcc
Here is a snip of Makefile.

# Add any optimisation or debugging flags here
# add -DSYSLOG for syslog support
# FLAGS1 = -O3 -K pentium,noframe 
FLAGS1 = -melf -m486 -O2 -malign-loops=4 -malign-jumps=4
LIBS1 = 

# Use this for SCO OpenServer 5 with TCB passwords (default) and GCC
# contributed by Scott Michel <scottm at>
# you may also like to add the -dy switch (recommended by Marnus van 
# Niekerk, mvn at
CC      = gcc
LIBSM  = -lprot -lcurses -lcrypt -lsocket -lPW -lm -lx -lc_s -lc


Roberto Fichera
TeknoSOFT S.n.c.

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