Problem with samba 1.9.18p7 and hpux 11.00

Thomas.Hansen.tmh./Copenhagen at Thomas.Hansen.tmh./Copenhagen at
Thu Aug 27 14:49:33 GMT 1998

     Hi Samba users.
     SAMBA Ver: 1.9.18p7
     HPUX: 11.00
     I have a problem with my samba server, after I have upgraded the hpux 
     from 10.20 --> 11.00. I use exactly the same binary's and smb.conf, 
     since I have just moved /usr/local from my 10.20 machine to the new 
     11.00 machine. IP numbers are also moved and I have/use a Microsoft 
     wins server to netbios lookup.
     My windows NT 3.51 and windows 95 can connect to the server as it used 
     to fine, but nt 4.0 cannot connect if I don't have a lmhosts file with 
     the server entry:
   hphs2      #PRE
     hphs2 is registered on the wins server.
     the wins entries in the smb.conf:
     smb.conf:       max wins ttl = 259200
     smb.conf:       min wins ttl = 21600
     smb.conf:       wins support = No
     smb.conf:       wins proxy = No
     smb.conf:       wins server =
     smb.conf:       name resolve order = lmhosts hosts wins
     Anybody got any ideas?
     Best regards
     Thomas Hansen
     please reply either to the sambalist or to tmh at

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