Password question

Sikes, Robert L. (Bob) sikesrob at
Mon Aug 24 13:49:19 GMT 1998

Hi all...

I've read a lot about password updates, etc. in both this digest
and in the documentation, but I've not seen anyone refer to this.

When my PC users change their password on the Master Domain,
after some time, their PC password will become locked.  It appears
that, after changing their password, if they stay active on a samba
drive, everything is OK, but if they let the samba process time out
for inactivity (dead time = 5 minutes for us), when they go back to
the samba connection, they cause NT to record an invalid password.

We have NT set up to lock an account after 5 invalid password
attempts and the user ends up having to contact a NT admin to
get his account unlocked.

If the customer changes his password and then logs off from NT
for about 10 minutes and then logs back on, everything seems
to work OK.  It is only when they stay logged on to NT, but let the
samba connection time out, that they have a problem.

I have to have the dead time in Samba.  I, on average run about
250 connections at a time, and if I did not "clean up" the dead
connections it would well be over 3000 and I can't afford to have
that many UNIX processes running.

Anyone have a way to avoid the NT account lockouts?

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