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> Subject: Releasing file locks
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> We have Win95 / NT PCs connected to a Solaris 2.6 Ultra2 running SAMBA
> 1.9.17p3.
> If one of the PCs "crashes", SAMBA continues to maintain the
> file locks (ie
> SMB deny modes) in its internal list.  Is there a way, short
> of rebooting
> the server, to have SAMBA release those locks.

I had this problem.  I tried setting the SO_KEEPALIVE socket option in
smb.conf, but this seemed to have no effect, so I set keepalive = 30 in
smb.conf which works great, the smbd closes itself down after a minute or
two of the client machine crashing.

Should this be a default option, or should its potential usefulness be made
more obvious in the documentation.  FYI I am running 1.9.18p8 on Solaris
2.5.  With Win 95 and NT it is not uncommon to have clients crash on you :).

Cheers, hope this helps,

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