incorrect file copy in w95

Thomas Nischan nisn at
Fri Apr 24 08:35:01 GMT 1998

we are running samba (1.9.18p4) on a sun ultra(solaris 2.5)

any now discribed file operations on the w95-pc are done using MS EXPLORER. 

- on a w95-pc a unix partition is mounted.

- a file is copied from the mounted unix partition to the local pc-disk.

- the just now copied file is changed on the unix host and shall be copied 
  again to overwrite the now "old" pc-file in the same session.
- the explorer recognizes that the size has changed,
  question -> overwrite yes/no ...

  if one desides to overwrite the "old" file it seems to be done, but
  the "old" file won't be really overwritten. in any case the first version
  is kept.

- if one deletes the "old" pc-file first to avoid overwriting and once more
  copies the "new" file to the pc-disk again the "old" file appears.

- if you now try to copy the "new" file to another directory this also doesn't
  help, because again the "old" file appears but now in the new directory where
  you never copied to the file before.

this happens on all w95-pc's in our department running different w95 versions.

using the command-window everything works well. 

who can give an advice how to avoid this problem.
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