encrypted and unencrypted passwords simultaneous

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at frankfurt.netsurf.de
Thu Apr 9 07:20:20 GMT 1998

Hi there,

when running samba with "encrypted passwords = yes" samba insists on encrypted passwords, no more checking is be 
done against passwd/shadow, so users without password entry in smbpasswd can no longer mount shares from samba.

In our environment - where useres typically seldom login to the unix server and thus cannot be forced to change 
their password - this is not a really lucky solution, cause we cannot guarantee all (or nearly most) passwords 
beeing available in smbpasswd.

Is there any known trick or hack to let samba first check for an encrypted password against smbpasswd and if 
unsuccessfull (maybe only if finding a null password) check unencrypted against passwd/shadow? This would help us to 
migrate softly from WfW to NT workstation (SP3).

Something else would also help us: If an NT workstation with SP3 and the EnablePlainTextPasswords registry hack trys 
to mount shares from samba with "encrypted passwords = yes", NT forces the user to provide his password a second 
time. Is there a known cure for this?

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