remote subnet browsing and NT4.0SP3

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Wed Apr 8 22:06:47 GMT 1998

Hermann Lauer wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a samba 1.9.18p4 server running as a domain master browser on a subnet,
> with some clients distributed on other subnets.
> If there are only Win 95 clients on a subnet, browse sync works - but not if
> there are Win NT 4.0 SP3 machines on that subnet.
> Error from nmdb (at log level 3):
> sync_with_lmb: Initiating sync with local master browser MAILHEIDELBERG<0x20>
> at IP <deleted> for workgroup DIGIBILD
> 04/08/1998 14:51:48: sync_browse_lists: Sync browse lists with server
> MAILHEIDELBERG<20> at IP <deleted> for workgroup DIGIBILD
> Connecting to <deleted> at port 139
> sync_browse_lists: MAILHEIDELBERG rejected the browse sync sessionsetup

> Is this also true for NT4.0SP3 machines ?
> Does MS sync browse lists this way between two NT Servers ?

Yes, syncing with MS machines is done in exactly
the same way. Check the MS machine to see if it
allows anonmyous connections to the IPC$ share - or
if there is some error message in the NT event log.

Hope this helps,

Jeremy Allison,
Samba Team.
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