Samba ability Questions

R Nelson rjent at
Thu Apr 9 13:42:39 GMT 1998

Greetings Samba list,

I need to set up a new lab domain.  I would like to set it up with all
Samba and BSD.  I have a pII-233 w/64m sdram 3com 10/100 running BSD I am
planning to use and set on a switched 100mbps backbone.
Question 1.) How many machines would the above spec machine running a samba
server handle for domain logons? (I need to logon about 200-300 95Stations
w/logon scripts and custom folders)

Question 2.)  In my test I used a config.pol in the NetLogon share and
could not get a list of accounts from the server with adduser/browse from
the policy editor.  Is this an error on my part or will it not work with a
Samba Domain?

Question 3.)  Why is domain controller recommended  to be no; Will the
samba box not be or act like a PDC in an all Samba Domain?

Question 4.)  Speed wise how will it compare to an actual NT doing the work?

Thank you Samba list for your help and experience! 

RJ Enterprises
Golf and FreeBSD are 2 of the nice things in life;)

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