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Stephen Langasek vorlon at
Sun Apr 5 07:35:06 GMT 1998

> On Sat, 4 Apr 1998 "Gerald W. Carter" <cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU> wrote:

>> Hello Everyone,
>>    We've run Samba for awhile now. Unfortunately we're redoing everything.
>> We're installing samba 1.9.18p3 on a Solaris 2.5.1 Dual PII/300Mhz machine.
>> We're wanting to do user authenication through 1 of several ways.
>> - Through the NT server. We currently have in the conf file:
>> security=server 
>> password server = (The name of our PDC)
>> OR
>> - Through a UNIX /etc/passwd style file that is not in /etc/passwd and is
>> not a shadow passwd.

> My understanding was that you had to choose one method of validation.  It
> was sort of an all or none situation.  Either all validation is done via
> an external PDC, or all via NIS, or all via smbpasswd, etc...

Does Solaris 2.5.1 make use of -- or at least provide support for -- the
PAM library?  My own experience is limited to Linux and Solaris 2.6, so I
have no idea... but if it's available, PAM would provide a more flexible
solution, since GPL modules exist for authenticating against a PDC and
against a local password file, and each available authentication method
could be tried in order until they all fail, or one succeeds.

                         -Steve Langasek
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