Rask Ingemann Lambertsen rask at kampsax.k-net.dk
Thu Apr 30 15:25:46 GMT 1998

Den 05-Apr-98 21:57:27 skrev cook følgende om "":
> Hi,

> I am running Samba on an Amiga connected to a win95 network. It works just
> fine to browse around from explorer. But when I access the Amiga from an
> FTP-program all the Directorys on the Amiga shows up as plain files with
> the size 0(zero). I can not find anyplace to change it so that the Amiga
> shows it in a different way. Any suggestions?

This sounds like a problem with the FTP server you are running, not a Samba
problem. You can try asking on Usenet comp.sys.amiga.networking.


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