changing password from win95 fail

Robert Koruna robert.koruna at
Wed Apr 1 16:19:50 GMT 1998

> Robert Koruna wrote:
> > 
> > Hello,
> > 
> > now I've set up a linux samba password server using Samba 1.9.18p4 on
> > a linux 2.0.33.
> > File and password serving works ok now, but I can't change my
> > passwords with any Win95 utility.
> > Samba always tells me "Wrong password" an d in the logs it says:
> > "Disallowing access to user due to null password
> > check_lanman:password: old password doesn't match"
> The "Disallowing access to user due to null password"
> line is the key. What does the users password look like
> in the smbpasswd file ?
> If so you need to *set* an old password before the
> user can change it.
> Use smbpasswd as root to change the users password
> to a known value, and then use that old value in
> the 'Old password' part of the Win95 dialog box.

It's clear to me, that I do have a password in order to change it. 
I read about the problem that an old password has to be "older" than 
three times of usage on a NT-station. But I have a Linux-station.
I tried more than 10 different old passwords.
Doesn't help at all.

And I know that the clients authenticate themselfes on the server 
(also password server for other clients). The users are authenticated 
using security = user.
And I can change the passwords as a user, when I'm telneting to the 
server saying smbpasswd.

So I don't understand why the password changing utility of Win95 
can't find any password at all, while the client uses it all the 

Do you have any further suggestions ?

Thanks a lot for your responding,


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