"User not authorized to connect from this station"

H. Wade Minter minter at eosdata.gsfc.nasa.gov
Wed Apr 1 17:03:41 GMT 1998

I'm running the newest version of Samba on an Irix 6.4 server.  
One of our NT clients is having a problem.  When the user tries to access
the server (Start-->Run-->"\\SERVER"), the username/password field comes
up.  When that user puts in his valid username/password, and error pops up
that says "User not authorized to connect from this station."
No valid account can login from this station.  Valid accounts can login
from other stations, though.
In addition, the server (using smbclient) can list shares on the problem
NT client.
If anyone has any help on this problem, I'd greatly appreciate it.
Responses Cc:'d to me directly would also be appreciated.


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