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Peter Blake ppb at
Fri Sep 19 08:17:38 GMT 1997

On Mon, 15 Sep 1997, Jeroen Vriesman wrote:

> Hi,
> I am using UNIXWARE 2.1.1 and samba-1.9.17 in a network with unixware,
> novell, NT, DOS, win3.11, win95, AIX and a mainframe.
> The samba server runs on UNIXWARE 2.1.1, at first it didn't work at all,
> but I got a tip for unixware2.1.1: Replace the with the
> older version!!

I have a copy of Unixware - after we finished the development contract, it
went back in the box and no-one has felt inclined to take out again 8-)

> Now smbclient -L my_uw_host works fine, but there is another problem:
> When I browse on an NT machine to the samba server, logon takes a LONG
> time, like 3 of 4 minutes.

This sort of delay sounds like a DNS problem. You ARE using DNS, aren't
you? Otherwise, check the process limits on the Unixware server - you may
be waiting for a samba server to start.

> Then I get the prompt for username and password, and after that
> everything is allright, for NT.
> On win 95 the samba server appears fast, but the logon says:
> Enter password for
> \server\user\IP$
> It doesn't ask for the username, and there is no workiung password.

It already knows the username as the one you used on the M$ box - is this
the same as the username on the unix box?

> Thanks for your attention,
> Jeroen Vriesman.
> Why use Gates if there are no fences?


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