NT Workstation and samba

Dave Wreski dave at nic.com
Fri Sep 19 04:18:33 GMT 1997

Hi all.  I have an NT 4 workstation that I can't get to work, even without
having applied SP3.

What should my 'security = ' setting be?

I have 'encrypt passwords = no'.

I want to avoid having to change every NT workstation when I do eventually
apply SP3.  So I want to simply make the change at the Linux samba server,
and be done with it. So once I apply SP3, I should be able to use 'encrypt
passwords = yes' and 'security = user' correct?

I have read the documentation, but there is no fixed spot like:

Do xyz if you want encrypted passwords
Do abc if you don't want encrypted passwords

I'm using 1.9.17p1, Linux pre-2.0.31

Please mail me direct, as I'm only on the digest..

Dave Wreski

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