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Todd Pfaff todd at
Mon Sep 15 18:33:23 GMT 1997

i'm using nisgina- with a sunos 5.5 nis server running
samba-1.9.17.  this is working very nicely.

i'm now trying to use sambapasswdd from nisgina-  it built fine
but i don't think nisgina is communicating with it properly.  i ran the
server and tested it using the sambapasswdd-client program and that seems
to work fine. as expected, it updates the smbpasswd entry if the user's
new password matches their nis password.

i'm running nisgina on an nt 4.0 workstation with service pack 2.  i've
enabled 'use sambapasswdd' in nisginaconfig.  for debugging, i edited
sambapasswdd to print the password that was received by
sambapasswdd rather than the ?? string.  i then watch the sambapasswdd and
nisgina log files as i log in using nisgina and i see the interaction as
UpdateEncryptedSambaServers is called after a successful nisgina login.  i
see that sambapasswdd is receiving garbage rather than the password i
typed and so the password change fails because this garbage doesn't crypt
to my actual nis password.

does anyone have any idea what's wrong?

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