Win95 shutdown lockup and nmbd

Tim Winders twinders at
Fri Sep 12 16:37:36 GMT 1997

Yeah!  Samba is DEFINATELY the problem.  Running Samba 1.9.17 acting as
WINS server for multiple subnets.  When shutting down Win95, it locks up
MOST of the time.  Samba is acting as a login server, but no one is
logging into it.  We have NT4sp3, NW411, NW410, NW312.  Most users logging
into a server are locking down.  Many of those NOT logging in anywhere are
locking down when they try to shutdown.

Win95 is getting the WINS assignment through DHCP.  I am using the ISC
DHCP beta5.16 server.  To test the problem, I removed the WINS assignment
on the server and rebooted the problem Win95 machines.  When they had NO
WINS assignment they shutdown WITHOUTH A PROBLEM.  I changed the nmbd
debug level to 10 and added the WINS assignment back to the machines,
rebooted and they ALL LOCKED DOWN when trying to shutdown.

I did NOT try a different WINS server.  The log.nmb file is ~6.7MB.  I
have made it available at so you can
d/l it and try to figure it out...

I tested this with 3 machines.  Their names are TA123-03, TA123-04 and
TA123-05.  I HOPE this helps.  If there is anything else I can help with,
please let me know.  It would be WONDERFUL to get this fixed!

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