1.9.17p1: "The application failed to initial properly"

Kevin Layer layer at Franz.COM
Wed Sep 10 18:11:15 GMT 1997

I was doing some C compiles with the MS C compiler (5.0) from the
command line while on a samba shared.  It used to work with 1.9.16,
but with the latest I get a dialup:

		      c2.exe - Application Error
    The application failed to initial properly (0xc0000022).  Click on OK
    to terminate the application.

Anyone seen this?  Anyone know a workaround? Unless I can get one,
I'll have to go back to an old samba.

This is with NT 4.0 (sp3) and samba on Solaris 2.5.  I can provide
more details on our configuration if need be.


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