logging out hangs win95 consistently

Tim Winders twinders at spc.cc.tx.us
Wed Sep 10 18:35:23 GMT 1997

I am seeing the SAME problem... but there is no Samba in the picture.  I
have this problem with NT4.0sp3, Netware 4.11, Netware 4.10, Netware 3.12.
I have been working on this issue for several months.  I noticed a HUGE
increase in this problem this summer/fall when we got in most of our new
Win95 B systems.  I think there is something in Win95 B which is causing
this issue.   In 7 of our labs, we did not have this problem when using
Win95a, but now with Win95 B it is a huge problem!  It also seems to be a
bigger problem when there are multiple computers logged in with the same

I would LOVE to get this resolved (I have about 800 PCs and most of them
are having this problem).  If anyone else has any idea, PLEASE, lets work

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